Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Touch of Class

I made a Mother’s Day cake for my mother and grandmother.

Mother's Day cake 1

Mother's Day cake 2

Gee, do you think I put enough flowers on there?

When I first started decorating this cake, I didn’t intend for it to look as it Mother Nature had vomited all over it. Yes, I went a bit overboard with the flowers, I admit. I’ve probably broken every rule of cake design with this thing, but icing flowers are so fun to make that I just couldn’t help myself.

The orange, white, and yellow flowers and the roses I made ahead a few days ago and let dry until they hardened, and the others I piped directly onto the cake, which is vanilla with raspberry cream filling and vanilla buttercream icing. I used some little silver dragees just for fun, too.

Mother's Day cake 3

When it came time to cut and eat the cake, I realized that it didn’t look quite real and was more like a fantasy cake from a children’s story book, much like the look of my last cake. Regardless of how it looked, it sure tasted good.

I decided after watching William and Kate’s royal wedding last week that I had to make a cake the same colour as Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful primrose outfit and hat, and so that colour was the original inspiration for the Mother's Day cake. However, I covered the cake in bright flowers so you can barely see the pretty primrose, but I promise you there’s a touch of regal class hiding in there amidst my rainbow of gaudy blooms.

My father says that he wants a chocolate cake with chocolate flowers on it for Father’s Day. Maybe this will be my chance to make a more simple and modest cake, a serious masculine cake without all the girly flowers, like that McVities Chocolate Biscuit Cake that Prince William had as his groom’s cake. The recipe seems simple enough, but I think for Dad I'll make a traditional chocolate cake. I'm going to try and sneak a few coloured flowers on there, though, if I can manage to rein my icing flower-piping compulsion in a bit.

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