I love making things with my own two hands. I also love reading about people making things online. So, why not start a blog that focuses on making and baking anything and everything that tickles my fancy? And so, in the interest of tickling other like-minded fancies everywhere, Makey Bakey was born! This is mainly a place to share my ideas, projects, recipes and my personal creative experiences related to art, crafts, food, cooking and baking.

I love to write and I've spent much of my time since I was a little girl either reading or writing, but due to my busy schedule these days I generally find myself writing practical things like recipes or to-do lists and grocery lists. When I`m not compiling practical lists, I enjoy writing long, self-indulgent lists about my interests and favourite things, and then I enjoy posting them on the internet (see below) because I like to think that people are curious about these sorts of things.

General Interests:

Absurdity, anthropomorphic food, art, automatons, baking, bargain hunting, birds, black and white, cakes and cake decorating, chocolate, Charlie Brown holiday TV specials, Christmas, comedy, cookies, cooking, crackers and cheese, cupcakes, decorative tea and food tins, drawing, dreams, Dr. Seuss, Edward Gorey, elves, entertaining, eyebrows, fancy-pants beauty products, felt, fudge, furry little woodland critters, gnomes, gravy, Halloween,  health and fitness, illustrated children’s books and illustration in general, introspection, intuition, kitsch, knickknacks, leopard print, limericks, line art, lists (such as this one), literature, literary nonsense, making crafty stuff, making messes, mint-chocolate everything, mirrors, monkeys, movies, Muppets, music, neologisms, novelty food, old cookbooks, pen and ink drawings, philosophy, popular culture,  pop-up books, portmanteaux, punk rock, psychology, puppets, questionably edible food crafts, rainbows, reading, retro-style housewares, rock 'n' roll, salt and pepper shakers, scratch-and-sniff stickers, sea creatures, sewing, sincerity, snowmen, sprinkles, solitude, stickers, stop-motion animation, tongue in cheek, trompe l’oeil, wackiness, Walt Disney World, weights (both lifting them and putting them back down), and writing.