Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"If I had rocks in my head, I wouldn’t be any smarter"

OK, enough already, Winter! You win! Apparently, no amount of fist shaking and complaining loudly and frequently about the state of the roads can deter you. The poor scarecrows in my back yard didn’t stand a chance against your snowy onslaught. Just look:

   Scarecrows in my back yard - February 3, 2011
Taken on February 3rd after a blustery morning.

Scarecrows in my back yard - February 11, 2011     
Taken on the afternoon of February 12th.

Even though the one on the left is up to his straw-filled armpits with snow, and the one on the right lost his armpits weeks ago, they still look pretty happy sitting out there wearing their little snow caps.

One good thing about this winter weather was getting an unexpected day off today due to an office power outage. I came back home around 10 AM this morning with the intention of making the most of my time by heading straight to my home office/craft room and digging into my research paper, but I ended up heading out to the kitchen to make a wicked pot of soup out of various containers of vegetables, some raw and some leftover roasted, that were kicking around in my fridge, instead. It turned into what I like to call "Unintentionally Italian" roasted vegetable soup with white kidney beans.

The best pots of soup are made from the dregs and back corners of my fridge—I just gather things up, throw them in the pot with some stock and hope for the best, and I always get something better than I expected. Lately it seems as if I’ve been making a pot of soup every week, mainly because I’ve had more fresh vegetables on hand and there’s no way to use them up otherwise, so I always make them into soup before they rot or take on a life of their own and start to cackle and hiss at me from the crisper drawer.

Anyway, tonight I was feeling nostalgic (and by “nostaligic” I mean too lazy to fastidiously nitpick/edit my literature review for my paper) and so I started looking for opening theme songs from the TV shows from my childhood on YouTube, like  Gummi Bears, She-Ra, Jem, etc. What’s strange is that I can barely remember what I had for lunch (oh, right--fridge-raid soup!), and yet I can still clearly remember all the words to the Muppet Babies opening theme. And it’s just as infectious now as it was then—I tapped my foot and bobbed my head the whole way through!

After my embarrassing singalong with the Muppet Babies, my old friend Synchronicity tapped me on the shoulder and I began to feel smugly justified in my procrastination as I came across one of my favourite shows from when I was very young, Tales of the Wizard of Oz, which in the following episode, like my pictures above, featured a bodiless scarecrow. (Yes,
I can sing along to this theme song, too.)

I'm going to call the bodiless scarescrow in my back yard Socrates. I don't think I'll try to stuff his head with fish, though.

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